Josh Dorrell

Pattern Libraries - Part 1

Pattern libraries as they’ve come to be known are essentially a set of digital brand guidelines. Print designers have been working from brand guidelines since the beginning of time, so this isn’t really a new concept, we take many of the components of a traditional set of guidelines and expand on those with all of the extra elements that form the structure of a website or application.

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Gavin Shinfield

Kyan Festive 50 2014

I know I say it every year, but I really, really mean it this time, 2014 has just been a fantastic year for new music.

We had no trouble at all putting together our top 50, well, that’s not strictly true, we quickly got to a longlist of 100 plus tracks and have whittled them down to what we feel is a representative crème de la crème, just for your delectation and delight over the festive season.

John Peel's Festive 50

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Tags: music, jukebox, kyan, festive 50

Paul Banwell

WXG 2014 is over. Long live WXG 2015!

When we launched WXG in 2012, we had that kind of nervous excitement which comes with a new endeavour. In 2013 we did it again and it felt great, but we weren’t sure if it was for keeps.

2014 was different. We announced earlier, we got the speaker line up confirmed sooner, we Tweeted more and theblueballroom interviewed the speakers to add an extra dimension.

WXG 2014 montage 1

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Tags: conference, kyan, 2014, wxg, dev, design, guildford, speakers

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