Paul Banwell

WXG 2014 is over. Long live WXG 2015!

When we launched WXG in 2012, we had that kind of nervous excitement which comes with a new endeavour. In 2013 we did it again and it felt great, but we weren’t sure if it was for keeps.

2014 was different. We announced earlier, we got the speaker line up confirmed sooner, we Tweeted more and theblueballroom interviewed the speakers to add an extra dimension.

WXG 2014 montage 1

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Gavin Shinfield – bold or broken?

When we started out on the design for the new WXG site ( we decided that it was going to have a very stark and spare look-and-feel. We took our pointers from the giants of early 20th century type design and eschewed all ornament or graphics other than those required by the site content, and opted for a high contrast monochromatic palette. A bold statement we thought.

A screenshot of the homepage.

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