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Website vulnerability scanning tips

If you view your server logs, you may occasionally notice hits to obscure pages on sites that don’t exist, for example URLs like:


Over a few months I have been gathering these requests for compilation of a list of common URLs that are typically used in vulnerability scanning.

These URLs are hit on an automated basis by bots looking for scripts to exploit (for example above, it’s looking for phpMyAdmin). If you run a server with any third party scripts, particularly those using PHP & ASP as these are the most common you should be aware that there are regular hits to most sites looking for exploitable scripts and should take measures to prevent this.

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Joel Richards

Garmin Edge 705 Data Recovery with DD & XML

After recently taking part in a race across Scotland, using a Garmin GPS device (Edge 705) I had around 12 hours of GPS data which unfortunately seemed to get corrupted during the ride.

The device was properly displaying the data on the unit, but Windows, OSX and Linux were all failing to read the data, prompting to format the device which would remove all the data.

After contacting Garmin support they said the device was no longer readable, had to be formatted and loaded with the firmware again even though the data was still intact on the device.

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Joel Richards

Outside the office

Recently some of us from Kyan have been heading to Craggy Island indoor climbing centre after work for a bit of social exertion.

Pictured below, Gav & Phil tackling a couple of the variety of routes of the evening.

Kyan climbing

As unfortunately there’s no pub at the top of the walls, which could provide a good incentive for completion.We usually end up down the road at “The Drummond”: for a pie & a pint (if they’re on the menu).

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Joel Richards

Mame Arcade Cabinet

A recent lunchtime project of ours at Kyan has been refurbishing and upgrading an old Arcade Machine.

After finding an old and broken RM Video cabinet on eBay, originally running Football Champ, we removed the old components and put in some new controls attached to a Mini-PAC USB controller. Once the various cosmetic upgrades were finished, we attached the Mini-PAC to the Linux machine running MAME.

More photos can be found in the Arcade Machine Flickr Set.

You can follow @kyanarcade on twitter to see new highscores.

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