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Writing is hard, so do it

Over the last few months I’ve been working on something that I wouldn’t have seen myself doing at any point in my life, and that’s the task of writing a book. I’m not talking about a ‘Janet & John’ novel, or some sort of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sort of affair, but a proper printed dead tree, trip over it kinda technical book.

It all started back in May/June time when I was approached by a good friend at Heroku, who had been approached in turn by O’Reilly, to produce a book about the platform and some rough ideas for what sort of book might be relevant and saleable. At the end of a fairly lengthy process it ended up that I was the author, had a contract in my hand and a schedule to try and stick to.


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Neil Middleton

Internationalisation with Rails

Over the past few weeks I’ve been spending time working on applications which require internationalisation.

It’s something I’ve done before, but not to the level that the requirements for this current project requested. Therefore I’ve had to do a certain amount of figuring out and prototyping to figure out some of the edge cases, but I think now I have a relatively good pattern that can be repeated further down the line on other projects.

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Neil Middleton


It’s now been a week or so since we put the new live and we’ve been getting nothing but rave reviews from everyone who has seen the site. Whilst this is an amazing thing for us to get, it does come with some added side affects, namely the thirty thousand visitors we’ve had from around the globe coming in to see the new site for themselves.

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