Laurent Maguire

New faces at Kyan

It’s the New Year and already there are some new faces at Kyan Towers, the last few months we’ve all been knuckling down to get through everything and we now have some extra hands joining the design team.

Ollie Kavanagh Designer

We’d had a chat with Ollie earlier in the year and timings where a bit off for us all, but finally things worked out and we’ve very pleased to have him join the team. Ollie started a few weeks before the xmas break, just in time to get in on the xmas party.

Ollie’s design work for the Alfred team, and the J. B. Rainsberger site particularly stood out to us, and he’s already bringing his talents to some new projects that are close to launching.

Robert Edwards Designer / Front-end Developer

When Rob emailed us towards the end of the year his new personal portfolio struck us with it’s unique design, and we weren’t the only  ones to notice, and in near record time Rob had a job offer and had agreed to join the team at the start of 2011.

Want to find out more about the team… Team Kyan

And we’ll all be at the second WMG on Thursday, come join us for a beer .

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Phil Balchin

The Movember Brothers of Team Kyan

The last week and half have been, well … itchy. We here at castle Kyan love a good cause, and this years Movember presented us with the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved by grooming their moustaches. Well, almost everyone. For some of us, it means shaving for the first time in a few years. For others it means not shaving for the first time a few years. For everyone, it means becoming a little bit more of a gentlement.

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