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Insurtech product development

Insurance is one of the UK’s most productive sectors, contributing over £40 billion a year to the economy. Britain is the world’s leading exporter of insurance products, selling in excess of £13 billion more to the rest of the world than we buy back from them.

However, a higher percentage of insurance CEOs than those in any other sector have shown concern over the speed of technological change in the industry. So it’s safe to say that the insurance industry is ripe for digital disruption and ready to see a new wave of transformation.

Although insurtech has been slower off the starting blocks than other disruptive areas of finance such as fintech or legaltech, successful startups have emerged with products and services that are revolutionising consumer insurance through game-changing product design, vastly improved cybersecurity, or new technologies such as peer-to-peer insurance or chatbots.

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Research, planning and prototyping is a fundamental part of an insurance product’s lifecycle.

The user experience

Selling commercial insurance online often involves detailed portals, complex product selection and lengthy forms, all spread across many steps. To ensure the optimum customer experience, the users’ requirements must be considered at the project outset and continuously validated.

The needs of insurance customers vary considerably as it’s such a widely used product by so many types of people, so one size really doesn’t fit all. That’s where research and user personas come in to play—something we invest a lot of time in at Kyan—again, from the very beginning of a project and throughout the development process.

Starting a project with research means that we can take a user-centred approach to the design process early on, gaining a clear understanding of milestones. Much of our work with insuretech clients is to save their customers time, money and effort, so in many ways, we mirror that objective internally too.

Kyan and Ninety partnership

Kyan x Ninety

Collaborating with best-in-class partners is a fundamental part of how we work. When it comes to our insurance projects, we work alongside the strategic consultants at Ninety. Dan and his team have many years of experience working with major enterprises in the insurance sector and bring insight and process in the practice of innovation.

Ninety’s methodology use their award-winning 123 framework which accelerates ideas, delivering a product from MVP to market pilot in just 60 days. We've worked together recently to deliver award-winning work for Zurich.

Olly - Head of Partnerships

Insurtech events

We run a number of events that focus on growth and evolution in the insuretech product development space. Campus is a monthly thought leadership event organised by Kyan, bringing those working in innovation, digital strategy and technology together. Theatre-style talks, fireside chats and frank, open discussions are all key to this intimate quarterly gathering.