Cheers to 2017

To celebrate the festive period and the start of 2017, we decided to launch a special project looking back at 2016.

Having many self-confessed beer aficionados, connoisseurs (and other words that only ever appear in Twitter bios) at Kyan Towers, we thought it would be appropriate to sign out for the year with our very own branded beer. In finding a partner we needed to look no further than the fantastic team at Guildford's own microbrewery, The Little Beer Corporation.

Coming up with a theme was our next challenge, with many choices from the potentially year-defining events throughout the course of 2016, as well as it being an exciting period of growth for Kyan. Something that continued to drive conversation around the office however, was the number of beloved public figures that we sadly lost over the course of the year. We decided to launch this project as a nod and tribute to those people.

Cheers to 2017!

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