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Web development

Here at Kyan web design and development is at the heart of what we do, whilst the majority of our work is now focussed on web app and mobile app development we still hold a special place in our hearts for a beautifully crafted website.

So if you’re looking for a bespoke site built from the ground up then Kyan could be the studio for you.

What we do

Our ongoing projects include everything from websites, web and mobile applications, all the way to working with emerging technologies. Whether you’re a startup, an SME or a larger scale enterprise, if you have a digital project that you'd like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

Ruby on Rails

We like Rails because it does the heavy lifting for you and allows us to focus on the real nitty gritty of solving the real business issues that our clients face.

Read more about Ruby On Rails here


React is our front end JavaScript framework of choice, particularly useful for it's state-handling capabilities and thus to give an elegant native app feel to online web applications.


It's not all about Ruby! Elixir is a super fast functional programming language and for certain projects we opt for it in place of our regular RoR toolset. At Kyan we are strong believers that you should use the right tool for job, and we'll always specify the technology used with that maxim in mind. If you've got a project that specifically requires Elixir we'd love to hear from you.

Web design in Surrey

Having started out as a fledgling Guildford web design and development studio back in 2003, Kyan has deep roots in Surrey and the surrounding area and we’ve built many lasting relationships with local businesses over the years.

Our office at the bottom of Guildford High Street is a popular spot for clients and friends to come by and meet the team to discuss ongoing work or attend one of our many events and workshops.