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BlueSky Education By Kyan

BlueSky Education

Performance management for education professionals

Setting the standard for online performance management in schools.

BlueSky Education is an online platform that allows schools to track and manage staff performance in schools. It creates a framework that reduces the administrative burden and helps schools identify areas for improvement.

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Repeat after me

Working closely with BlueSky Education (for over twelve years now) we have built and then continually evolved a product that has become a trusted tool for over 2,000 schools and 150,000 users.

At the beginning of Kyan’s relationship with BlueSky Education it was a startup business looking to solve a key problem in the education sector. Senior teaching staff are frequently tasked with producing reports that require the analysis of various data streams, which if completed manually with paperwork can be ponderous and inefficient.

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The first of it’s kind

As the business has grown, so has the app. We’ve added new features, improved scalability and most recently refreshed the design. These additions have reflected government frameworks for teacher progression, as well providing opportunities for self assessment, objective setting, peer mentoring, as well identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing suggestions for how to fill gaps.

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Helping teachers connect

As the platform has grown, so too has the sense of a BlueSky Education Community between users. The blue-sky-education platform also now caters for knowledge-sharing, discussion of best-practice and group learning. These refinements have allowed blue-sky-education to meet demand and stay ahead of the competition.

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"Schools using BlueSky Education have double the national average of ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted reports."
Blue Sky Education
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There’s always room for optimisation and improvement. We’re currently trying to identify and understand user pain points and make the site work more efficiently for them.