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Concept Vehicle Leasing By Kyan

Concept Vehicle Leasing

Simplifying car and van leasing

We worked with Concept Vehicle Leasing to build a new site that focuses on the needs of their customers first and foremost. We emphasised helping users quickly and easily find the right vehicle, whatever their requirements might be. Whether a user is leasing a vehicle for personal or business usage, whatever their level of budget, or if they have a specific manufacturer or vehicle type in mind from the outset, they're now able to quickly and easily find the right deals for them.


Shaping the Journey

Navigating from the "Home Page" users decide on whether they want to see options for business leasing or a private contract (although it's possible to switch between the two). Selecting a business lease option opens-up additional content about managing small fleets, along with the ability to generate an instant quotation for a "Short-Term Lease".


Powerful Search

Users who know exactly what make and model they're looking for can quickly select a vehicle and then customise their vehicle by adding options and tweaking the Contract Hire profile between 2 and 4 years and 8,000 - 30,000 miles per annum. Users also have the ability to flex their initial rental from the default 6 months, to either 3 or 9 months, updating their contract rental accordingly.

For users who want to browse a wider range of options from the start, the vehicle filter feature allows them to narrow down the options based on fields such as vehicle type; P11D, CO2, Fuel and budget.



The vehicle data across the site is driven by pricing spreadsheets and CAP APIs. The team at Concept Vehicle Leasing has the freedom and flexibility to upload vehicles and their associated prices held in their own internal spreadsheets via a content management system. This means that vehicles can be added, updated and removed from the site quickly.

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"Our new site has been designed and built from a completely blank canvas - we knew we needed to change; to modernise and to offer our customers and prospects something completely different."
Paul Bulloch, Managing Director at Concept Vehicle Leasing