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Creative Technology

AV & technical staging services

CT Group is a global leader in audio visual and technical staging services, helping deliver major events across many different industries. To name a few recent examples, these have included Google I/O, the Olympics, The Ryder Cup and the Geneva Motor Show.

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To better showcase the services and the incredible range of events that CT Group have worked on, Kyan was asked to rebuild their website, making it both visually engaging and an effective sales tool.


Product display

CT Group wanted to convey their product expertise and impressive track record of major global events in a more accessible way. We created a product catalogue that can be as easily and intuitively navigated on mobile devices as it is on desktop. Essential product data is close at hand and detailed technical details are just a scroll away.

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Going global

As a truly global business, CT Group needed a multilingual website with localised content across multiple key languages. Our content management solution gives them the flexibility to localise content when required and serve a translated version of the site, matched to the user’s location.


Visual communication

Working with the client, we designed a clean and simple set of custom icons for their featured services. This allows users to quickly identify the service they are looking for without having to read a lot of content or by navigating a menu. By adding subtle animations to these icons we were able to design a satisfying user experience with an additional level of interaction. Small touches make a big difference.

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Complete control

Finally, we created a bespoke content management system that would allow CT-Group to quickly and easily manage their product catalogue, news and media collections, giving complete control over their digital brand.