Cube By Kyan


Rethinking global finance

We helped Cube build a visual brand, listening to how the team wanted to progress and position the platform over time. We produced a brand mark and identity that resonated across both the technology and financial service sectors.

Once the application launched, we created style sheets and guidelines for the brand’s development team to implement across changes or additional content. As Cube has grown in scope and functionality, we’ve refined the tool’s user experience (UX). Considering the complex problem that Cube is solving, the simplicity and intuitiveness of the application is paramount.


Regulatory risk

New regulation in financial services has traditionally been monitored manually and changes painstakingly implemented. International businesses have a continual headache ensuring they are completely up to date in terms of policy enforcement, as well as quickly understanding whether newly introduced policies are relevant.

A global financial institution may have hundreds of thousands of staff spread across many different countries, with each having different regulations over how documents must be kept and specific policies adhered to.

Desktop display

How does Cube help?

Cube provides a solution to managing this process through ‘next generation information governance’. Cube continually checks all existing regulations in real time, which means that it flags new regulations that will impact a particular business. Cube then automates the enforcement of these regulations, which minimises the risk of non compliance.

User interface

Shaping the journey

Working closely with Cube, we’ve designed a dashboard that provides a snapshot of anything the system has highlighted as needing attention. This interface brings insights from across Cube’s full range of functionality into a single location.

The key to a strong UX is the usability, simplicity and accessibility of the product. Cube users don’t need to see the technology or process at work to review and action anything highlighted. This governed our decision-making in how information is sequenced, with notifications coming first, and the ability to filter and delve more deeply into relevant data coming second.

Style guide

Cube has been recognised as a top performer across 6 categories in a recent report on supplier performance in the 'Regtech' sector.