Mumbu By Kyan


Recruitment match-making

Mumbu, a Yorkshire startup, identified a gap in the recruitment market to connect talented candidates looking for part-time opportunities with like-minded employers. For temporary work in particular, the costs associated with using external recruiters can seem disproportionate for short to medium term requirements.


Perfect match

The team approached Kyan looking for support in making the project a digital reality and in helping dictate the form that this project should take. Based on the brief, we set out to build a platform that would allow jobseekers to create a profile based on their skillset and availability, which would then automatically match them with registered businesses that had a need for their skills.

Mumbu branding

Brand building

As a new business, there were some stepping stones in dictating the look and feel of the brand and the platform.

Mumbu is about connecting underused talent with local businesses. We worked with the Mumbu team to create a clean, friendly brand mark that conveys a sense of 'connection'. It was also an important consideration that Mumbu’s branding should work equally well on a billboard or a mobile phone.


Excellent UX

Getting the user experience right was a key part of this project. We wireframed and prototyped the application workflows before starting any design work to ensure user journeys felt simple. During this process we explored multiple possibilities for how user journeys would be structured before settling on an approach which felt just right.

Mumbu phone

Search and testing

Using Elastic Search, we built functionality into the site that matched employer’s needs with the specific skills of individuals. The application was also developed to include a suite of automated tests and set up with continuous integration and deployment. This means that any code changes are automatically tested and only then deployed if they pass.


Highly Visual

Users manage their profile via a simple dashboard. A consistent design language is applied throughout the application with a clear, simple interface that tells you exactly what you need to know at a glance.