Point To Point By Kyan

Point To Point

Promoting the sport of horseracing over fences

The Point-to-Point Racing Company provides publishing, administrative and editorial services to Point-to-Point, a form of amateur horse racing over fences held at a number of racecourses throughout the UK.

Point-to-Point approached Kyan with a goal of expanding the brand’s appeal to a younger demographic, whilst not alienating its more traditional and established audience.

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From the horses mouth

To appeal to younger racegoers we integrated a simple social media strategy that scraped Instagram for the branded hashtag #pointtopoint and displayed photos prominently on the website. This allowed the Point-to-Point website to tap into the youthful ‘Instagram demographic’ and help drive repeat traffic to the site.

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For courses

To cater for established racing enthusiasts, we co-ordinated with Point to Point’s API service to create an online resource for all things Point-to-Point. ‘The Register’ as it was named, included detailed information on horses, jockeys and courses along with historic and future race details.

"The characteristics of horse racing provided many opportunities to influence and give flavour to lots of otherwise data heavy pages. We enjoyed experimenting with the instantly recognisable jockey silks for example."
Rob Edwards, Senior Producer
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High horses

Kyan also developed a tiered subscription model for the Point-to-Point audience. This provided access to exclusive content including interviews & fixture previews. Premium users receive access to detailed historic information and video replays of over 550 races throughout current and past racing seasons.

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Taking the reins

All of the functionality we built into the website came with it’s own bespoke rails backend. This allowed Point-to-Point to have complete control over everything from rogue instagram photos to the structure of their subscription model.

Point to Point now have a website that caters for its diverse audience, and offers different functionality and potential levels of engagement for users with differing motivations for visiting the site.