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Hassle-free desk space when you need it

Wubspace is a startup aimed at opening up under-utilised office space to people who need a desk at relatively short notice - great for keeping creatives, contractors and freelancers productive when they are out and about. The WUB app locates available deskspace and gives the customer the opportunity to book it.


WUB’s USP is that its workspaces are spread far and wide across cities, towns and even villages. A regular workplace provider may have many locations, but they often involve a detour to reach them as they are centralised around an area’s business district, with customers rarely finding office space close to their home.

Wubpace USP
Wubpace USP Wubpace USP

The key to the city

We built WUB as a native app, with its primary functionality to show the location of offices with spare desks. Customers identify workspaces using search or a map, and they can check-in via the app to book time at a desk for as long as they need. So off the bat, user accounts were essential. We also factored in admin accounts, so that office spaces can manage their profiles. Payment processing and membership tiers were designed with speed and ease in mind – after all, the app is geared towards productivity. All of this needed to be designed in a way that is considerate to customers who will often be on the move and perhaps pushed for time. A beautiful layout was just important as a seamless user journey from initial search all the way through to transaction.


Getting to work

The process of taking the WUB app from an initial hand-drawn concept to a living, breathing app began with an initial discovery period. We always believe that this is a fundamentally important start to bringing any app to market. This early work involves scoping conversations to understand our client's full list of requirements and goals. From this point we are able to shape a clear project timeline.


When it came to thinking about design, we knew that usability and accessibility should be a paramount consideration. Not only because it's best practice, but because the app's target audience will often be working in the same if not similar industry to us. Product UX is second nature to many freelance creatives so it's important that we build an app that resonates with them.


By abbreviating Wubspace to WUB, the brand becomes an easily recognisable logomark - a key factor to be considered when designing an app to be used on-the-move. Using the diamond shape as various elements with the app's UI, including as a location marker, is testament to the versatility of the Wubspace brand and brand colours.

WUB night

Wub Day

WUB night

Wub Night

WUB night

Your Space

WUB night


From design to build

We developed the front-end of the app using React as it's quick to build and compiles to both iOS and Android. The build took place across six one-week sprints. Using this agile method of working allows the team to be reactive and deliver tangible results to the client quickly.

App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot
App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot
"Having spent years advertising deskspace with limited success, we see WUB will save us effort but mostly budget."
Peter Lock, Usable Media