We get our kicks from making digital experiences that make a difference

Here at Kyan, we love to build the platforms, apps and digital products that transform your ideas into realities. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise-scale business, we provide the technical and creative expertise that underpins a successful product launch, digital transformation project or platform creation.

Your project may involve a website, a web or mobile application, an online interface or a clever use of an emerging technology. Whatever the solution, we can help in terms of ideation, rapid digital product development and building dynamic teams and agile workflows.

Our Services

Web Apps

At Kyan every project is built from the ground up. We strongly believe that the best web application for your business is the one that has been designed specifically around your needs and those of your users.

iOS and Android Apps

At Kyan we use RubyMotion to create native iOS applications for iPhone and iPad. We are early adopters of RubyMotion and one of the first companies in the UK to offer RubyMotion development services.

Website Design

No templates, no outsourcing, no nonsense and nothing like the competition. Just good, honest hand-built websites designed to fit your business, crafted by our full-time UK team.

Ruby on Rails

We've used a fair few programming languages and development platforms over the years and we find Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) to be far and away the best tool for quickly developing rich web applications and websites.

User Experience Design

User-centered thinking is at the core of any successful interface, application or web page. User Experience design (or UX for short) simply means putting the user first when considering all aspects of design. It’s the start of everything we do.

Fintech Product Development

From startups all the way up to global financial service providers, we’ve built a wide range of digital products and apps in the fintech space. Whether you have a set brief already or you want to reexamine your approach to innovation, we can help.

Our Team

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