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We make things to change things.

Kyan helps businesses solve problems and streamline processes. Our award-winning digital solutions are a result of honest, open relationships with clients and our specialisation in product design, web and mobile development.

We challenge traditional thinking to ensure the products we design are not only innovative, but are tailor-made for our clients’ needs. Our best brains comes together to support and deliver the project at the consistent level of quality and excellence that we are known for, from day one all the way through to project completion.

Product design
User research
User experience design (UX)
User interface design (UI)
Brand development
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Web development
Website design
Web applications
Ruby on Rails
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Mobile development
Apple / iOS
Google / Android
React Native
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Augmented Reality (AR)
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Interested in Design Sprints?

Design Sprints are our process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing.

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The project life cycle. The fun part.

We have been building digital products for over 15 years. During that time we have perfected our operations into fast-paced agile development. The process is rapid, iterative and fully immersive, meaning that it's enjoyable for all involved. This approach allows Kyan and our clients to get results quickly and efficiently whilst having some fun along the way.

Discover: 2-4 weeks

Discovery Sessions, User Research, Competitor Analysis

The initial stage is to work closely with the client and product owners to fully understand their requirements and to specify the goals of the project. Activities at this stage include face-to-face discovery sessions, user research / interviews, competitor analysis and a review of any existing systems.



Design: 4-8 weeks

UX Design, UI Design, Brand Development

We build on our research by rapidly producing, testing and refining design solutions to the issues raised during the initial specification phase. These range from wireframes, user journeys and personas, to more high-fidelity creative designs and working front-end prototypes.

Develop: 8-12 weeks

Agile Development, Test Driven Development

We work in small, dedicated development teams in 1-2 week agile sprints to achieve a slick and robust Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in the most efficient way possible. Our Test Driven Development and peer review methodologies ensure the highest possible quality of output.


Definition of success

Using these proven methods to focus on the core requirements, we bring products to market in double-quick time, thereby minimising risk of project overspend. Our goal is to achieve the most cost-effective way for companies to develop new offerings and to streamline their existing business activities.

The whole system is not a linear process, but iterative. We believe in continuous improvement and refinement, and that is why we apply the research, design and test methods throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. We offer ongoing support, development and maintenance as standard to all Kyan customers.