Why work for Kyan?

Beyond the studio

Why work for Kyan?

We have a culture of sharing and we work in teams within a flat structure where every opinion is valued. We collaborate and build on our pooled experience, so knowledge is shared, not siloed.

The work is challenging (but fun), we work hard and we enjoy what we do. At Kyan, we always hire for fit and aptitude over qualifications and experience, so if you've got a reason for us to hire you, why not get in touch?

Careers at Kyan

Why work for Kyan?

Pride in our work

Quality is the trademark of everything we do at Kyan, if it's worth doing it’s worth doing well.

All of our code is peer-reviewed and a pull request is generated and approved every time, before committing to Github. All of our design output undergoes scrutiny from a usability and consistency perspective. By holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards, we have achieved a reputation for excellence among our peers. We are truly proud of everything we do.

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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

Kyan is a Ruby on Rails development house and has been since Rails 1.0. One of the main reasons for choosing Ruby is the ongoing developer satisfaction of working with a human readable language.

We technology

We are early adopters of Ruby and Rails, but that doesn't mean it's all we do. We also enjoy Elixir and React projects, and we're always keen to work with the latest tech.

Agile is in our DNA

We're not fans of weighty, technical specifications that no-one wants to read. We operate an agile Scrum methodology with teams working on 1-2 week sprints, focussing on one core element of a project at a time. The work is fast-paced and iterative and that’s the way we like it.

Your training, your way

We assign a personal development budget to every staff member for their use as they see fit. As a Kyan employee, keeping up-to-date is part of the job, so we encourage learning as part of daily work.

Don't make me think!

We are big on usability and UX, and believe that a website or application should not only be a thing of beauty, but work beautifully. Every project starts with a sketch of an idea, before being worked into reality and tested to be the best possible solution prior to development.

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We like to play.

Kyan has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of break-out space for day-to-day socialising, or just to get away from your desk.

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Life of Kyan

We regularly organise events at and around work, including quizzes, meals, lunchtime socials, ale appreciation trips, tree-top adventures, and much more. There are many opportunities to socialise outside of work too, be it a trip to the the cinema, mountain biking in Wales, 5-a-side football or rock climbing. The only limits are our imagination. Any ideas?

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"People are friends, not just work colleagues and so working together, socialising together, helping each other out — it all comes naturally"
Jess Mitchell, Client Partner