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Back to Dot York! This time, it’s… very personal?

Attending #DotYork last year was brilliant. Getting to hear from a variety of interesting people on a wide array of tech-related topics (how to find out what users really need, how to make remote working actually work, how to do something useful with all that data you have) was brilliant, and being able to really feel a part of those discussions in an amazing venue made for a great experience.

And time to chat with the speakers and other conference attendees?

And a top-tier networking and social event afterwards? 

And all of that in my favourite city in the UK? 

Sign me up!

…no really, sign me up.

This year I’ll be on the stage rather than in the seats, and I’ll be speaking to you about identity and how to be more than your job description.

As a subject that’s been at the forefront of my mind for the last few years, I hope to be able to explain some of the journey I’ve been on and the common pit-falls I fell into as we all work together towards that mythical work/life balance.

Will I be able to fit it all into 10 minutes? Who knows! Come find out on October 4th.


In the meantime, keep up with Karen on Twitter and Medium.