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Campus: Digital Health event at Eight Club, Bank

Wednesday 10th October, Eight Club, Bank — whilst this intimate little corner of EC3 is starting to feel very familiar to us, this was actually our first Digital Health Campus. Not new territory for Kyan, however, with previous projects of ours covering appointment booking software, reporting platforms and internationalisation for clients in healthcare and pharma. We heard from three speakers throughout the evening with engaging and moving insights into their business models, their thoughts on the industry, and what the future holds for digital health and technology in healthcare.



Gus Kennedy spoke to us about the platform that Kyan have helped him bring to life. Hero Doctors allows you to find a practitioner near you, see their availability, select an appointment time, outline the reason for the appointment, and complete payment to secure the slot. The problem right now in the wider industry is slow phone booking, poor appointment visibility, inaccessible online portals, with all of this generally built on outdated systems. Gus' ultimate goal is to transform the way that consumers find and book healthcare services, and believes Hero will form part of a wider ecosystem for clinical software packages.



Dr Jamie Wilson founded Hometouch as a Dementia-focused live-in carer service that covers the whole of the UK. The business sees in excess of 40,000 hours of care per month and is back by Passion Capital, BUPA, 500 startups and UK government. Jamie is a NHS Dementia Specialist. With 70-80% of people who need care having dementia, Jamie's approach radically changed the way that care is recorded. Sessions are documented so that they can be overseen by carers and family to give them greater insight into patients' conditions and the care that they've already received.

Using NLP (natural language processing — a field of AI), Hometouch are able to analyse these session writeups and derive meaning from them by identifying keywords. This gives carers more time to focus on the care itself rather than the paperwork. Dr Wilson also shared with us their findings so far, and how this technology could later be integrated with wearable tech and IoT devices, and better so, contribute to future medical journals.



Dr Neha Gupta is Product Manager at Medopad but was speaking at Campus as herself and sharing her talk "Digital Health 2030'. She believes that healthcare is one of the few industries wherein the gap between consumers and decision-makers is continually expanding and contributing to the inefficiencies experienced in the sector. Starting at present day and envisioning the future of digital health, Dr Gupta took us through how the emergence of tech monopolies with affect healthcare models, data-based best practices, and fee-based services (did you know that 50% of US households are Amazon Prime members!?)

Towards 2020, centralised healthcare and patient-centred medical homes along with a quantified self-movement will all build a bigger movement of a more engaged and empowered patient. And by 2030, we'll see greater gender diversity in healthcare. In 2017, Rock Health's survey of over 300 women in healthcare revealed that nearly half of respondents believe it will take 25 years or more until we achieve gender parity in the workplace.



Our next Campus Digital Health

Join us again on Thursday 7th February 2019. Our speakers include Isabel van de Keere, Founder and CEO of Immersive Rehab, and Tamir Shahin, CEO of Mimitec. More speckers to be announced. Register for a complimentary ticket right here.