Dev Talks: End-to-end testing with Cypress, with Damian Boni

Our internal Dev Meets are a great way for our Software Engineers (and often our Product Designers too) to get together and share thoughts and ideas on just about anything that has had a positive impact on their work. Despite being locked down and fully remote, we are continuing these over Zoom, and we'll share these publically for the love of web development and all things tech.

Here, our man Damian Boni shares his experiences with the mighty Cypress, and exactly why end-to-end testing is so important. This video does end fairly abruptly, as we started to share some internal client work. But generally we will try to share as much of our Dev Talks as we can. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Want to learn more about Damian? Check out this interview from last year where he talks PHP, AngularJS and his love/hate relationship with the world of WordPress.



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