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Kyan and UK Connect introduce Ash Manor students to design thinking

It’s not often that you get to go back to school. So we were delighted to join UK Connect’s Managing Director, PJ Farr, on a visit to Ash Manor, where he studied from 1999 to 2004.

PJ’s company provide broadband, voice and IT infrastructure for thousands of construction sites across the UK, guaranteeing fibre-speed internet within ten days. Their service brings valuable connectivity to building site offices, marketing suites and even to new homeowners. We’ve been working with UK Connect for just over a year, kicking off our relationship in early 2019 with a design sprint. The sprint focused on a new product offering which we’ve been busy designing and developing in partnership throughout 2019. The product will provide a new digital solution for the construction industry, helping to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk and improve health and safety on sites.

We visited Ash Manor during their ‘Eco Apps Enterprise Day’. PJ, Laurent (our CEO) and I delivered a workshop around how we approach product design at Kyan, and the skills needed in a modern digital agency. Each student had to select a role in the business, create a logo, website, strapline, a three-step app design, think about a marketing campaign and identify the customer persona. No mean feat! We produced a short video for the students (shown above), sharing what it’s like to work at a digital agency like ours. PJ also spoke, giving some insight into his career steps, and how he transitioned from school to becoming the Managing Director of a successful UK startup.

We'd like to thank Ash Manor for welcoming us, and to Jane Sheridan at Ed2Biz Education Business Consultancy for facilitating the day. We're nearing completion on our exciting project with UK Connect, so keep a close eye on our social channels for an upcoming case study.

Read UK Connect's write-up here.