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Our breakfast meet-up not like the others: Toast 2 with Jon Quinton of Overdrive Digital talking Facebook Ads

Toast is our morning meet-up not like the others. We created it just a few months ago after feeling a little uninspired by the deluge of dull breakfast networking groups in the area. In fact, in the world. Lukewarm coffee, average food options, and stiff chat... that's just not us.

Our first Toast event, the ingeniously-named 'Toast 1', was blessed with glorious sunshine and a lightning talk from Kyan's Harry Ford and Will Poole to introduce the room to Design Sprints, our way of bringing better products to life faster.

Most recently, our second round of Toast (you guessed it, Toast 2), saw a guest talk from Overdrive Digital's founder, Jon Quinton, who shared with us five great tips on Facebook Ads that the gurus won't tell you. There's an awful lot of gumpf out there around Facebook Ads, often wrapped up in bombastic and most likely untrue statements like "I spent $50 on an ad campaign and got $5,000,000 back". Jon cut through a lot of these untruths and showed us where to focus our efforts for a genuine results-focused campaign. The overriding message though: there is no magic formula.

Join us for Toast 3 on Thursday 4th July, with a lightning talk from our Creative Director, Pete White.