Our Head of Engineering on Docker: Why less is more

If you’re part of a digital agency and you work closely with the engineering or development team, chances are that you’ve heard of something called Docker. Our Software Engineers use Docker to package up their code and all of its dependencies so that the application that they are working on can run quickly, securely, efficiently and reliably.

The general idea is to create a lightweight package that contains just the essentials. This package is better known as an image, and in-turn, a container (once they are run on ‘Docker Engine’). Containerised software is ubiquitous throughout engineering and development, whether Linux, Windows, data centres, cloud services or severless.



Kyan’s Head of Engineering, Nick Linnell, took part in our monthly Dev Meet to deliver a session purely on Docker and how we’ve been using it with one of our clients. This talk offers some great technical insight into containers and their benefits. You can watch the full video below, and if you’d like to see Nick’s deck, you can download that here.



Our Dev Meets are a place for our engineering team to come together and talk about a particular type of technology. These meets are open to others too, and our design, strategy and client teams often join to gain insight. We see this cross-department knowledge sharing as important – it not only helps us work together, but also enables more informed conversations with our clients. Does this sound like somewhere you'd like to work? If so, we're hiring.

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