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Toby Dibb: My Work Experience Week at Kyan

Toby Dibb

I came to Kyan for work experience because I have an interest in graphic design. Kyan stood out as a company for me because of its strong online presence and it looked very modern and friendly.


My desk for the second half of the week.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this week as I have managed to experience work in many different areas of the company including software engineering, website design, branding and Marketing & Events. The people here are all very welcoming and friendly and it is a very relaxed, comfortable environment - one that I would love to work in when I am old enough to get a job.


The board room, currently home to a design sprint.


It is a very contemporary office with a kitchen island where you can help yourself to drinks, plenty of space, brilliant technology and nice communal areas. The room perfectly reflects the company in that the interior design is very stylish from neon signs, to old fashioned ‘Super Punch-Out’ arcade machines.


'Super Punch-Out' Arcade Machine


I have enjoyed taking on what I would consider the perfect level of work for work experience as I have been trusted with enough responsibility to get a taster of work in the ‘real world’, yet not been overloaded with important work that would make me feel uncomfortable to take on.

The location is perfect and I would love to work in Guildford, because the office is a short walk from the train station, there are lots of shops and places to grab lunch and the scenery is amazing with the church right outside the office windows.


A great view from the sofa area.


I strongly recommend others to come here for work experience as I can ensure that anyone—even without an interest in the industry—would learn a lot from this experience.


Teddy, who belongs to Chris, Kyan's Head of Production


Thank you to this amazing company.