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User testing is a fundamental part of product and platform development. At Kyan, we involve users at key stages throughout the development of a product.

Kyan Labs

From preliminary interviews and competitor analysis through to the validation of high-fidelity prototypes. There are a number of ways to approach these sessions. Familiar industry terms are ‘usability testing’, ‘focus groups’ and ‘eye-tracking’. We concentrate on user and usability testing particularly, to really challenge the thinking behind the product. We call this Kyan Labs.

User testing in progress
Observing behaviour remotely
Reviewing results

Assumptions are the mother of all failures. It’s true!

But over the last decade, digital product design has matured, with clients and agencies alike now keen to understand how customers will use their product. These learnings become a key influence on the design, and we can adopt an iterative design process, applying changes to use cases as we identify them.

Why not get it
right first time?

Validating assumptions is exactly what it says on the tin – testing the product to see if the assumptions that we’ve made are correct. The dataset is collected through observation, and by identifying this information early, changes become easier and more cost-effective to implement.

Sometimes product design and service design extends beyond digital, so Kyan Labs also incorporates 3D printing, fabrication and tooling.

Kristin in the boardroom



Getting to know your users’ characteristics, motivations, goals, and frustrations as well as discovering what they need.



Evaluating text-based site or app structures to understand how easy or hard it is to find information without visual design.



Understanding how users would sort particular items such as pages, categories, images or pieces of content into related groups.



Observing how users interact with possible solutions using clickable visual prototypes that represent the end solution.



The opportunity to test products with users before launching to get critical feedback and squash any pesky bugs.

Client in the boardroom
User testing facilities

User testing facilities in Guildford.

We believe user testing should be available to everyone, and we’re proud to call Kyan HQ a hub that can rival the studios and facilities of London.

Whether you’re from the South East or the city (just 30 minutes on the train), we have everything you’ll need under one roof.

Usability lab

Enjoy the peace and quiet of our ‘Secret Room’ to hold one-on-one user interviews or prototype testing.

Observation studio

A spacious area with plenty of wallspace for sketching and sticky notes, and an HD video feed to the Secret Room.

Device lab

Stuck trying to find users? We can help recruit and screen the right users you need for your sessions.


A validated product means it’s been tested, it fulfills the objectives of the brief, and it’s been tailored to the user.


Call upon any of our UX team to help you plan your sessions. This ensures you get that right feedback and insight.

Result Analysis

Have the results of your session analysed by our UX team, with a full write-up of observations and recommendations.

“Behind every solution there is a problem. Behind every problem there is a person. Know who you are solving the problem for and never forget them.”

Harry Ford Will Poole User Experience Producer, Kyan
Will in the secret room