At Kyan, it’s our people that make the difference – why not get to know us?

  • Laurentmaguire

    Laurent Maguire Chief Executive Officer

  • Gavinshinfield

    Gavin Shinfield Chief Innovation Officer

  • Pierspalmer

    Piers Palmer Client Services Director

  • Nicklinnell

    Nick Linnell Head of Development

  • Silhouette m

    Dan Watson Head of Product

  • Alpennellsmith

    Alan Pennell-Smith Developer

  • Stevenwake

    Steven Wake Developer

  • Ahmetabdi

    Ahmet Abdi Developer

  • Duncanrobertson

    Duncan Robertson Developer

  • Karenfielding

    Karen Fielding Developer

  • Andywest

    Andy West Developer

  • Ericaporter

    Erica Porter Developer

  • Silhouette f

    Carmen Lopez Developer

  • Stephengiles

    Stephen Giles Developer

  • Silhouette m

    Tom Marshall Developer

  • Silhouette m

    Steve Butler Tester & Developer

  • Silhouette m

    Ilia Onischenko Tester

  • Petewhite

    Pete White Design Director

  • Harryford

    Harry Ford Design Director

  • Silhouette f

    Helen McCarthy Front-end Developer

  • Silhouette m

    Dave Cartledge Front-end Developer

  • Davidquilter

    David Quilter Front-end Developer

  • Robedwards

    Rob Edwards UX Producer

  • Amycallaghan

    Amy Callaghan Project Manager

  • Chriscannacott

    Chris Cannacott Project Manager

  • Nickyireland

    Nicky Ireland Project Manager

  • Ollypercival

    Olly Percival Account Manager

  • Kristindevey

    Kristin Devey Account Manager

  • Silhouette f

    Jess Mitchell Account Manager

  • Amyjohnstone

    Amy Johnstone Events Manager

  • Nickwhitfield

    Nick Whitfield Marketing Manager

  • Helenshovelar

    Helen Shovelar Office Manager

  • Ashleybarnett

    Ashley Barnett Finance Manager

  • Silhouette m

    Jacob Robbens Talent Manager

  • Pip

    Pip Happiness Enforcer

  • Bigrainbowhead

    Big Rainbow Head Director of Good Vibes

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