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Building a Startup Financial Advice Platform

SaidSo identified an opportunity to build a simple financial advice platform that was accessible to everyone, and not just financial experts.

A user-focused online platform could fill the gap in the market left after restrictions were placed on 'traditional' providers that offer financial advice services, but also sell commision-based products. Government auto-enrolment pension policies introduced at a similar time had also resulted in millions more people considering and planning for their financial future.

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Designing SaidSo

There's a challenge from a branding perspective to straddle the line between conveying 'trust' as a financial advice service provider, whilst also transmitting the image of a challenger brand taking a fresh approach.

The imagery used across the site conveys a recurring theme of 'ease of use'. This playful approach employed across the images is softened through a more traditional palette and typography.

Homepage layouts
"Our innovation process would not have existed for the development of SaidSo.co.uk without the dynamic web development team at Kyan. Thank you for your patience and professionalism."
Keith Churchouse, SaidSo
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Intelligent data storing - progress saved

Building SaidSo

In line with Kyan's area of expertise, the SaidSo.co.uk site was developed using Ruby on Rails, meaning prototypes could be developed and tested quickly. This was crucial to the brand's 'go-to-market' strategy in terms of quickly bringing its offering to market.

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The result

Visit the SaidSo website and review the outcome for yourself!