A bonus benefit of B Corp: Building a community

At times, our B Corp journey was testing and taxing. The sheer amount of measurement, analysis and preparation required for submission was staggering. But with a firm belief in businesses doing better, we pushed on and were delighted to become a certified B Corporation in August 2022.

Internally, we had a great team pushing it through. Not least, Claire, Georgia and Gav, who took on the task around their existing roles at Kyan. Looking outside of the business, we quickly realised that a brilliant bonus of B Corp is the community that surrounds it. Or more specifically, the community that’s around us.

We weren’t alone in our strive to be better

In fact, many of our peers were also on their own sustainability journey, each at different stages, all with their unique struggles and successes. So, like many things in life, it quickly became apparent that ‘better together’ was a mantra that we could all get behind in our search for sustainability.

I wanted to take this opportunity to ‘shout out’ some of those businesses and thank them for their companionship and camaraderie. To the outsider, agency land can seem somewhat siloed. But the reality is, we talk, we share, we collaborate, and most of all, we build – together. From personal branding experts to B2B strategists, our B Corp community is a nice little bonus, and we’d be a smaller voice without you.

Here’s to our hopeful heroes

Thank you to Jago for inspiring in us all that ‘people’ are the key to each and every brand and that storytelling is still so important in this technological day and age.

A hearty hello to our neighbours, Something Big – creative communicators who, like us, are proud of their company culture that they’ve built with love and hard work.

Yo to Yoyo Design, an impeccably branded business blending creativity and technology to produce exceptional experiences that align with their sustainable values.

A shoutout to Wildfire PR for reminding us that it’s not about loud noises and bright colours but challenging the norm and pushing boundaries.

We walk in the footprints of Footprint, a fun and friendly team of digital marketers that give a shi*t, helping businesses overcome their SEO woes and smash their PPC projections.

A massive mention to Magnus Consulting for their strategic mindset and long-term commitment to creating long-lasting, positive change for their clients and employees.

Our finally, our friends over the ocean (and in London too), Across the Pond, are an independent force for good, delivering all things brand, from setting a narrative to producing compelling content.


While we are all one and the same in our push for a better world, we are all unique in our offerings and challenges. Which, in a way, is what brings us together. Diverse teams produce greater results, and a different view on things or an alternative take offers a refreshing angle or a new perspective.

For me, that’s what B Corp is all about. It’s not just numbers, it’s strength in numbers.


Learn more about our sustainability journey.