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AEVI By Kyan


An easy-to-use portal for AEVI app developers

AEVI are a technology provider, giving merchants the payment solutions they need to power their businesses. This covers traditional card payments all the way through to newer tech, such as apps and smart devices. The open ecosystem that they have created bridges the gaps between banks, merchants and consumers.

AEVI Developer Portal

Redesign and relaunch the AEVI Developer Portal

AEVI required a new, robust and easy-to-use portal for the app developers working on these digital products. Our team of developers and designers worked in close partnership with AEVI and their scrum masters to radically redesign and relaunch the AEVI Developer Portal.

AEVI By Kyan

Creating a community

At its heart, the AEVI Developer Portal is a community for its developers and a home for documentation. This valuable and ever-growing library includes guidelines, downloads, applications, APIs, FAQs and SDKs – just about anything that a software engineer or app developer may need to understand the myriad ways to interact with the AEVI platform. Developers can also submit demo applications to be installed and tested on smart payment devices.

AEVI Developer Portal

Information design and architecture

With thousands of technical articles being featured on the platform, search, navigation and layout were crucial to making the documentation not only easy to find, but easy to understand. Some guides may contain code snippets, lists of status codes or javadocs. So the overall design of these areas needed to balance these styles in a way that didn’t compromise navigation or legibility, and was easily accessible on mobile devices.

"The Kyan team are incredibly proactive. Their drive really contributed to making this product such a success. Amazing work."
Rahul Ramakrishna, Product Manager, AEVI

Bringing the publisher portal to life

We were delighted to enter a ‘phase two’ of the project shortly after the launch of the Developer Portal. Kyan and AEVI partnered on a new mission – to bring the Publisher Portal to life.

An award-winning solution

It wasn’t long before the Developer Portal started to turn heads. AEVI were finalists in the 2019 Devportal Awards for ‘Best Design’ – a proud achievement considering the other finalists were the likes of Visa, Barclays and Mercedes-Benz. AEVI also celebrated a finalist’s place in the ‘Best Overall Portal’ category, alongside DHL, TomTom and Shutterstock.

Alongside the core business benefits, the app also drives better knowledge management and collaboration within firms. It gives everyone from partners to trainees access to client rate cards on a permission basis. The app unlocks access to pricing knowledge that is typically locked away in silos.