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Next generation legal pricing

Working with DealScoper, we built a digital platform that allows legal firms to provide prospective clients with a clear picture of the work that is to be performed, supporting more transparent pricing and improving their prospects of winning work.

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Historically, law firms have written off millions of pounds of value each year due to inaccurate scoping. Pricing is often based on estimates that use prior examples and abstract senses of "gut feel". With DealScoper, quotes are produced by proprietary software that identifies each relevant component of a job and where the value is. This generates an accurate scope, based on precisely what will be done and the resource required.

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From Concept to 'Go Live'

The Legal industry has not traditionally been in the business of setting aside resources to pursue innovation. In recent years, however, the rise of Legal Tech has begun to transform the way firms operate. The main focus of innovation has been on the consumer legal market, with the corporate space still trailing behind.

DealScoper identified a particular opportunity with regards to how firms generate and quote the traditional hourly billing model. DealScoper works directly with this existing pricing and business model, but uses technology to both drive process efficiencies and help clients understand the real value that a firm offers. The result is a beautiful app that retools firms with the ability to take hours, days and weeks out of the repeatable practice of scoping and pricing legal matters.

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Knowledge is power

The core of the DealScoper app is a beautiful data visualisation that enables lawyers to see the exact 'shape' of the deal they are scoping. The matter can be viewed by the proportional mix of Grades of lawyer, Phase of work, Practice discipline or Speciality needed. This interactive, clickable visual allows the lawyer to swiftly understand if they have the right level of expertise involved, which departments they will have to collaborate with and where the bulk of effort will be spent in the process.

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This understanding allows them to re-evaluate and adjust the deal to be able to offer the best value for the end client and ultimately, winning that firm more business. Users are also provided with a picture of proposals won and lost and better insight into pricing trends. Knowing the market rate for deals increases the chances of winning them. Conclusions can be shared rapidly, which improves consistency and agility.

"The team at Kyan have done an amazing job in helping us to build an application that is excellent in its visual appeal and ease of use such that even the traditionally technophobic world of lawyers will embrace it."
James Dawson, Head of Content at DealScoper

Alongside the core business benefits, the app also drives better knowledge management and collaboration within firms. It gives everyone from partners to trainees access to client rate cards on a permission basis. The app unlocks access to pricing knowledge that is typically locked away in silos.