Korn Ferry Advance By Kyan

Korn Ferry Advance

Empowering people through career management

Korn Ferry is a global organisational consulting firm, helping clients synchronise their strategy and talent. Our work focused on Korn Ferry Advance, a place to connect with top career coaches through cutting edge tech built on behavioural and social science.

Mobile devices

The platform is aimed at two streams of users. Large companies, who provide it as a benefit to new employees and as support throughout their career journey. And consumers, who can access online coaching to support them when changing jobs. The project launched with a design sprint, which was a powerful way to harness the essence of the B2C offering. The goal was not only to increase subscriptions and improve retention, but also to enrich the user experience and encourage them to come back again and again as a go-to service for career support.

A new beginning

Kyan’s design team set to work on the marketing site – the first port of call for the Korn Ferry Advance experience. Coinciding with their new branding, this was a great opportunity to put together a bold and distinctive site and identity. In-browser animation enriched the user experience and brought the site to life, with contextual photography, subtle movement and multi-layered objects.


An enhanced mobile experience

The design focussed on enhancing the mobile experience, whilst bringing together the recently rebuffed Korn Ferry Advance identity. Our relationship with the client allowed us to explore a number of ways to approach the fresh colour palette in a playful way, whilst not detracting from the overall brand message of leadership and support. Striking that balance of sophistication and light-hearted fun was fundamental to the design and became key in conveying the message to a range of user types.


In production, we defined and created a variation of modular templates which worked comfortably across the entirety of the site. Over time, these could be broken down into components and reused in any future brand directions. We collaborated with Korn Ferry’s third-party development team to bring together a design system which covered the various interactions across the site. This was key to the client relationship and ensured a smooth, ongoing handover from design to build. The documentation, which was dubbed ‘the best that they’d ever seen’, enabled their remote team to maintain momentum and reduce the back and forth.

A stronger presence

The result is a site that expresses the brand’s newer and stronger presence, demonstrates their informed tone of voice, and takes the overall offering to a higher, more strategic level. The theme of ‘journeys’ is a common thread throughout the marketing, promoting incremental achievements and milestones that users can reach as they develop their skills and learning.


Tablet view