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A cutting edge application for hair salons

Wella were seeking a design partner to bring to life their innovative Barcode Scanning Application - an app conceived exclusively for Wella's professional customers looking to restock their products.

A woman getting her hair styled

The problem

Salons were required to order new stock online or by phone. Wella's new concept would allow them to simply scan the products that they're running low on via a simple and easy-to-use application.

Wella app screenshots

The solution

Following the discovery phase, which included a problem framing workshop and design sprint, we conducted a thorough analysis of competitors and other successful businesses in the field. The goal was to create a product that prioritised user experience and streamlined user journeys in response to Wella's brief.

To achieve this, we developed the design system alongside the product itself. By utilising Figma to build the product, we were able to gather direct feedback from the Wella team until we were ready to progress into the development stage.


Wella app barcode scanning feature
Wella app on a mobile device

Our favourite moment

By their own admission, our client has shown nervousness around working with agencies as they've been let down in the past. We were delighted to hear that we exceeded their expectations.

“Wella has been so impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and standard of work we've produced in just one week, without any compromise.”
Simon Hardy, Client Partner, Kyan
Wella app on a mobile device and people getting their hair done


salons able to
access the app


Kyan workshops


screens designed

The result

The final application not only allowed salon owners to order new products, but also kept them up to date with new releases, promotions, and the ability to view and manage their professional Wella account.

Women getting their hair styled