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Design Sprints enable you to rapidly workshop and evaluate product ideas, using the same methods trusted by top global technology companies.

Design Sprints

Collaboration and problem-solving play a huge part in design sprints, with the ultimate goal being a creative solution to the brief at large. The inclusion of key stakeholders from a variety of job roles and experience levels makes for a more rounded discussion, including customers gives great insight into users’ individual experiences and the needs that the product ultimately must cater for.

Ready, set, sprint

Design sprints can save you money, minimise risk, and reduce product development cycles. Validate your business idea with a design sprint and see your teams working together better than ever before.

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Reviewing ideas
Reviewing ideas
Reviewing ideas

What’s involved
and how it works.

The Design Sprint is essentially a five-day intensive ‘hackathon’ focused on group collaboration.

On Day One we work with our client to define the scope of the work and identify challenges. Day Two is where we decide on solutions to these challenges, and which of these we will develop. Days Three and Four are the rapid building of a high-fidelity prototype, which is tested with real users on Day Five.

Reviewing ideas

Get to your goal
in five days.

Kyan’s design sprint sessions are interactive, immersive and productive. A roundtable approach provides a great opportunity for creative input from multiple people. Using time constraints throughout the individual days means that we can be efficient with our scheduling and we can work towards realistic deadlines.

The clear goals set out below mean that we can naturally progress as a group from discovery, through ideation and prototyping, and finally arriving at decision making.



Identifying your users, defining the important challenges and prioritising our focus.



Lightning Demos: a two-step sketch exercise followed by storyboarding around the product.



Refining the journey flow and general layouts through more defined sketching.



Creating a high-fidelity and usable digital prototype based on the findings so far.



Testing the prototype with real users, and compiling observations, patterns and feedback.

Reviewing ideas

What you get out of a Design Sprint.

By day five, you'll have an interactive and high-def prototype. This isn’t just a mockup – it looks, feels and acts like a real-world digital product that can be taken forward to user testing.

The overall sprint process is an effective use of time and budget, but there’s so much more to it than sending you away with a wrap-up report and some wireframes. Design Sprints enable you to fast-forward through your project and answer the key questions in days, not months.

Reviewing ideas

Build your dream team

A Design Sprint is the perfect opportunity to bring together the best brains in your business, and ours too.

Get to know your users

Identify your users during discovery and meet them during testing. Even better — put your product in their hands.

Collaborative thinking

The roundtable approach to Design Sprints is a hotbed for collaboration and idea sharing. No more siloed teams.

Validated work...

A validated product means it’s been tested, it fulfills the objectives of the brief, and it’s been tailored to the user.

...and low risk

When the market viability of a platform or app can be proven with quantifiable data, it’s far easier to pitch or sell.

A trusted partner

Day Five isn’t the end of the relationship. We like to see products all the way through to launch and beyond.

Reviewing ideas

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“We use Design Sprints to quickly validate ideas and assess them for market readiness through testing and iteration.”

Harry Ford Harry Ford Head of Strategy, Kyan