Ruby on Rails
web development.

We've been delivering digital products with Ruby on Rails since 2006, and would consider ourselves a leading UK Ruby on Rails agency. To us, it's a second language, and we favour it for its agility, speed and standards.

Tom looking at code on his monitor

Why should you choose Ruby?

Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework thanks to its robust and dynamic characteristics. Because of this, it's a popular language for startups (because it's fast and nimble) and established organisations (enabling them to move quickly).

Ruby on Rails benefits

  • It's cost-effective and affordable
  • It's flexible and scalable
  • It enables faster prototyping
  • It suits high-performance applications
  • It's secure and stable
Carmen and Jamie in the boardroom

Technology for teamwork

Our technologists and engineers have a firm grasp of Ruby on Rails and by combining their expertise with our talented design and UX specialists, we've been able to create highly productive teams able to deliver big projects on short deadlines.

We can do this without compromising code quality and with the future of the product in mind. Updates and changes to working applications costs our clients less, because Rails encourages consistency and structure in coding practices.

Ruby on Rails is behind many high-traffic websites that are used by millions of people every single day, including Airbnb, Dribbble, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Shopify, Strava, Twitch, Zendesk, and of course, GitHub.

What we use it for

Ruby on Rails was designed specifically for building bespoke web applications and websites, which has enabled us to use it for a huge range of projects, including content management systems, ecommerce stores, company intranets, workflow systems, online tender management systems and many other solutions. Take a look at some selected projects below.

Nick Linnell, Head of Engineering

“Rapid prototyping is essential at Kyan, and Rails is an excellent tool for quickly realising complex ideas, while retaining our proven track-record in production.”

Nick Linnell

Head of Engineering