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Product design

Kyan have been operating now for two decades and over that time we have completed hundreds of complex projects, each with their own unique set of requirements.

However there are several universal truths that we have observed along the way. Any project starts with research, followed by a well defined plan. Be it truely Agile with a capital A, or a flavour thereof (Wagile, if you will) — the work you put in at the start of a product's lifespan will reap rewards in it's development.

Why work for Kyan?

User Experience Design

UX, UXD, Customer Centered Design… whatever you want to call it – the practice revolves around putting the user at the heart of the product and really there is no other way to do it in our book. Usability and the needs of the user have always been first and foremost in our vision of product design.

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Why work for Kyan?

Fabrication and prototyping

The explosion of home and light industrial technology is a real game-changer. From AI, AR and VR to drones and 3D printing, some form of tech now features in virtually any domestic business and product you can name, and this trend is only set to continue. With this in mind we are dedicated to the exploration of emergent technologies and our inhouse Fablab is at the core of that – we're already building beyond the screen.

Technology for the professions

Disruptive technology is finding a new home in many verticals, at the forefront of these we are working with clients in many of the traditional professions. Doctors, lawyers and finance professionals now find online solutions pivotal to their operations and we have helped many of them realise the potential of this. Fintech, legaltech and regtech solutions all feature in our portfolio so if you're looking for assistance in this area why not speak to us?

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