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Digital Product Design

Kyan has been designing digital products for over two decades. That’s hundreds of complex projects each with their own unique set of requirements. However, our workflow always follows the same tried and tested method.

Creating a usable product starts with research. It’s a broad term, but some of the most important work takes place during the discovery period. User research and user testing is a fundamental part of the overall process of bringing a product to life, and allows us to clearly identify the problems that the end-product should ultimately solve.

Our team working on creative concepts

User Experience Design

Research allows us to make informed decisions during the design process. This is commonly referred to as “UX”, a term that is now commonplace in product design. But it’s important that it is correctly defined. At Kyan, we call it user-centred design – the practice of putting the user at the heart of the product. Whatever you want to call it—UX, UI, UXD—there really is no other way to do it in our book.

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The Kyan FabLab
Kyan’s FabLab, which includes 3D printing equipment and a workshop. Also pictured is our DeviceLab for mobile testing.

Fabrication and prototyping

Our work extends far beyond the screen. The explosion of home and light industrial technology is a real game-changer. Whether it’s AI, AR, VR, drones or 3D printing, many of the worlds best businesses large and small are exploring new avenues of technology, and we only expect that trend to evolve and continue.

With this in mind, we are dedicated to the exploration of emerging technologies. That’s why we’ve built an in-house FabLab.

UX sketches produced for a recent project

Fintech, legaltech, insuretech

Traditional professions are undergoing their own kind of evolution, with disruptive technology finding its way to the forefront of sectors like finance, legal, insurance and healthcare.

Digital products are pivotal in taking these industries to the next level. Whether a startup or an enterprise, businesses need to keep up with the growing requirements of workforces and customers alike. Online solutions and apps streamline intensive processes and improve user experiences.

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