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UK based Ruby on Rails development

At Kyan we know a lot about Ruby on Rails development. We’ve been using it since late 2006 (since the 1.0 release) and would consider ourselves one of the leading Ruby on Rails specialists in the UK.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework for creating database-driven web applications. By automatically dealing with every-day code it lets us focus on your precise needs quickly and efficiently.

Rails is open source and that means it is being enhanced and extended every day to keep up with the demands of the modern web. It is actively supported by a vibrant ecosystem of conferences, developer tools, specialist hosts and developers all around the world.

Ruby on Rails is used by many high-traffic websites such as The Yellow Pages, Kickstarter, Strava and AirBnb.

Why we like it

Our Rails developers can take a project from the initial conception to a rough and ready working application very quickly. This allows us to show our clients at an early stage in the project how their website is going to work, so their feedback can be used to make changes while it’s easy to do so.

Rails allows us to deliver projects on shorter deadlines without compromising the quality of our work. Updates and changes to working applications cost our clients less, because Rails encourages consistency and structure in coding practices.

What we use it for

Ruby on Rails was designed specifically for building bespoke web applications and websites, so that’s what we use it for.

Rails is incredibly flexible and is suitable for us to use on the majority of the projects we undertake. Not only were we early adopters of the technology but we now have one of the most experienced Rails teams in the country.

We have used it to build content management systems, e-commerce solutions, company intranets and workflow systems, online tender management systems and many other applications.


We have also used Rails to integrate with numerous third party services and APIs. Some of these include: