Steel storage solutions for offices

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Bisley has been manufacturing steel storage solutions for offices since the 1940s, employs over 700 people and has earned a global reputation.

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A taxing taxonomy

Bisley has a vast product range available, all of which is available in numerous colours and configurations. It is essential for the dealer network to have an up to date product catalogue and information on the specifications available. Providing this information through the existing offline methodology however with the accuracy and speed required had become logistically unfeasible.

Kyan was tasked with building not only a new website, but a bespoke backend system that could provide a real time resource to query the availability of product variations.

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We’ve been working for Bisley for over 5 years. During this time we have built our understanding of how the business operates to enable to us to provide ongoing support for the project and help to anticipate the business’ needs moving forward.

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Made in the UK

Bisley now has a site that has delivered a clear business and cost benefit. Their entire catalogue resides in a single, authoritative online location. This has replaced the inefficient ‘product update’ communications that the business had been using prior to this project.


Accessible global data

As a global business, It was also important for Bisley that the availability of its product ranges and classifications was available across multiple languages. The site now functions in 10 different language options, allowing Bisley’s international network to make full use of its functionality and for the site to become a definitive resource.

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Technical features

There were several technical considerations to ensure the experience of the site was as robust as possible for all users. Not only did we need to ensure the site was localised into multiple languages, but for US visitors we converted weights and dimensions into imperial metrics. Similarly, to ensure optimal user experience, any anonymous users that land on the site are geocoded so they are automatically directed to the relevant language.

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Problem Solving

Bisley had a number of disparate global sites that needed to be centralised, as well as problems cataloguing stock levels across its product range.

We developed a website that not only serves as a sales and information tool, but also allows customers to easily navigate through Bisley’s huge product range, regardless of the device they’re viewing with or their preferred language.

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